Lura is another word for beauty and absolute perfection.

Lura is catharsis.

Lura is what makes your heart skip a beat.

Lura is the divine on earth.

    When Joseph Nicollet explored southern Minnesota, he visited a lake that the Dakota named “Tewapa” after the water lilies that grew along the shore of the lake.  In his journals, he explains that the crooked roots found at this lake had attributes that were both medicinal and spiritual.  Years later, early settlers found this lake again with a simple word carved into a tree...Lura.

    Did Nicollet carve it?

    Or did someone else carve it?

    In the Finnish language, the same word has a much different meaning: it is a dire warning.  It means something closer to the idea of “Watch out!  Something is lurking here, waiting to lure you in.”  Suddenly, the warning on the tree means something much more mysterious.

    Intriguing word, huh?  For more than two decades, Lura Lake has been just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Jason Willis’s home, so when he went looking for an imprint and LLC name, the mystery of the word seemed to capture the mystery of what he wanted to write. 

    As a self-published author, Jason Willis chose the name Lura Publishing, LLC to match the tone of his works.  Prior to creating this company, Jason Willis enjoyed teaching as much as he enjoyed self-publishing his first five books.  Because of this love of teaching, he found it to be just as much fun working in collaboration with other writers as developing his own projects.  So in 2017, he created Lura Publications to meet the needs of his own literary business as well as to help those trying to tell their own story.