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Jason Willis was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1971.  Even as a child, some of his earliest stories involved the Native Americans that used to live at West Mesa Pass and the drawings of space people that looked a lot like the description found in the opening of Ezekiel.  At five, the Willis family moved to a small farm, where Jason was able to wander woods and fields, dreaming of imaginary worlds.  Even in elementary school, he began writing stories mixing classic mythology and Biblical themes.  In 4th grade, he teamed with his friends Mike and Dan to create “The Cyclops” a strange reworking of The Odyssey with a bit of Revelation  thrown in.  In middle school, he continued writing during Math and Social Studies, working on science fiction stories Death War and Heartstone, which ended up being almost 300 handwritten pages.  Puberty hit in 1987, and most writing was shelved until 1995.  Beginning in 1996, work began on Walking Through Shadows, a 500+ page monstrosity that took 3 years to complete.  After feedback from several publishers, Jason spent a few years retooling structure and style until Hamlet’s Ghost came together finally came together in 2005. 

Literary Resume

1975     The Space Man

            (A really strange Sunday        

            school story)

1982    The Cyclops

            (Greek myth+Revelation)

1984    Death War

1986    Heartstone

1988    “Aint No Cure for the            

            Summer Time Blues”

            (short story)

1996    Walking Through Shadows


2000    Freak Bridge


2001-   10 Screenplays for

2005    Cinema Production

2004-    Maple River Yearbook


2008      Hamlet’s Ghost (novel)

2009      Cassandra’s Curse (novel)

2009      Ulysses‘ Bow (Screenplay)

2010      Ulysses‘ Bow (novel)

2012      Atlas’ Burden (novel)

2013      Pan’s Apprentice (novel)

2014-   Blood of Abel (manuscript)


2015    The Alchemist’s Map


2016    An Appointed Time (Bible            


2016    Where the Earth Bleeds Blue


2017    Well of Souls (manuscript)

2017    The Fire Handler (novel)

2018    “A Place in the Stars” (short


2018    Fog of War (manuscript)

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