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I’m just a nerd with a Bible.

I have no special talent, training, or certification other than I’m a curious fellow.  My Bible studies are far from infallible (or even professional), but it is my genuine purpose to leave a bit of myself behind.  I received a Bible study book my grandfather read, and whenever I’d see something written down or underlined, it thrilled me to be able to peek inside of the mind of a man I hardly knew but who walked the same faith path.  So this collection of research is my way to steal the spotlight during a future Willis Christmas with some “Hey, did you know…” moments. 

Folks who have attended my Bible studies also know that I seek out the “biggest” and most “EPIC” interpretation I can find.  I also do not have a specific denominational slant, and have often described myself as a “Luth-olic-a-tist,” baptized Lutheran, a wannabe Catholic, a dabbler in Baptist, and the “a” can stand for whatever loose hair I have on a certain day. In other words, I’m much more “fisherman” than “Pharisee” in my training.

I’ve been accused of pondering things too long, which is why these studies will not be an introduction to a subject but more of a look outside of the box.  I try to study each Biblical nugget from a variety of vantages just to see all the possibly meanings.

At worst, I hope this study will make you ponder your own interpretations of these awesome verses (old KJV) or do a little research on your own.

Coming Next: Examining Moses

Other Links:

A juxtaposition of mythology and antiquity with a study of Genesis (through Abram).  This is a google slide presentation I used for my Bible study groups in 17/18:

An Appointed Time started as a personal project for me.  The sequence of the Easter story messed with my head, so I deconstructed the verses and attempted to put them in order so I could reconcile a few verses.  When I was finished, it painted a pretty interesting portrait, and why stop there?

When I finished, I made “Event” headings for the life of Jesus and made each Gospel a text color for immediate reference.  For years, I would have this at my fingertips when I did Bible studies, and folks grew curious, so I made copies for them, and you!

An overview of the Easter Timeline PDF

The Google Slides presentation I once used:

Examining Christmas looks at the events surrounding the birth of Christ.  It began as I was working on a fiction novel involving the Magi as I tried to understand where things would be taking place.  Again, the little details tripped me up.

Family of Jesus slideshow:

An old 2006 essay I wrote (for myself) on the Two Witnesses