Examining Christmas


Here are the 12 “lessons” found in the book.

Lesson 1: The Scarlet Thread

                The family tree (kinda) of Jesus

Lesson 2: What to Expect...When You’re Expecting the Christ.

                What the OT said and the Jews expected.

Lesson 3: Mary Mary

                 A look at the Virgin Mary

Lesson 4: Quite Contrary

                    Let’s meet all the other Marys

Lesson 5: A Message About Messengers

                  A chapter on Zacharias and Elizabeth

Lesson 6: Preparing the WAY

                  Everything about Baby John

Lesson 7: Songs and Blessings

                    Mary and Zacharias said WHAT?

Lesson 8: Heir to the Promise

                    Everything Joseph

Lesson 9: The City of David

                    Meet the bad buys in Jerusalem

Lesson 10: Two Giving Figs

                    Anna and Simeon

Lesson 11: Gifts of the Wise Men

                    Magi, Wisemen, or Kings...you decide.

Lesson 12: Out of Africa

                    Jesus and the pyramids.  How cool.



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