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An Appointed Time by Jason Lee Willis

The four gospels arranged in sequential order in order to reflect and rethink some key Bible stories.  Coded with event numbers and a color scheme for each Gospel, this is a unique Bible study tool. 

$15 plus shipping.

The Fire Handler by Jason Lee Willis

In the pine forests of central Minnesota lives the surviving family of the Wijigan Clan, a branch of the Chippewa Indian nation that has survived a cross-continent exodus to arrive at their destination--Lake Manitou. Yet at the turn of the...  (read more)

$15 plus shipping.

Tales from the Haunted Valley (Vol 1)

by Jason Lee Willis

This is a collection of short stories from author and teacher Jason Lee Willis's creative writing students at Maple River High School. The Haunted Valley is a term used by local natives to refer to an area south of Mankato, where....  (read more)

$10 plus shipping.


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