The Wintermaker


WITH THE DEATH of his great-grandmother—a trained Ojibwe Fire Handler—Levi MacPherson finds himself alone in the eye of a paranormal storm building in the waters of Lake Manitou, Minnesota. To battle the evil forces aligned against him, Levi seeks guidance from the survivors who fought against the fabled Wintermaker in 1962, the year a serial killer hunted children in Hiawatha County. Sheriff Brian Forsberg was thirteen when he and his two friends first discovered—and then battled—the guises of the monster sleeping below the waves. Complicating matters are the human servants of the Wintermaker, the Order of Eos, whose sacred duty is to secretly wake their master and usher in a new era. To avoid the murder and mayhem experienced in 1962, Levi must learn from the mistakes of past, to avoid death returning to the shores of Lake Manitou.

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